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Resolution to approve the installation of solar panels in replacement roof for Mimosa Hall.


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Category:ResolutionMeeting Groups:Mayor and Council

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Item Summary:

Mimosa Hall could become a sustainable “zero energy building” through the installation of thin solar panels and solar thermal that is integrated into the roof and connects that power source to batteries that would store the excess solar energy for nighttime or rainy day use. The potential is to make this historic building a “net zero” building by introducing an alternative energy system.  A sustainable Mimosa Hall would minimize the city’s annual costs to maintain the property.


Committee or Staff Recommendation:

On February 13, 2018, the Administration, Finance, Recreation and Parks Committee recommended placing this Item on the February 26, 2018 Mayor and Council Agenda.


Financial Impact:

The retrofit is expected to cost about $135,000. Much of this cost will be paid in incentives and credits.


Recommended Motion:

Approval of a concept to install a solar energy roof system on Mimosa Hall.


Presented by:

Jeff Pruitt, Interim Director of Recreation and Parks and Historical Cultural Affairs